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    CEO - Mrs. Gayathri Kumar - Taka Dimi Ta

Mrs.Gayathri Kumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Taka Dimi Ta, a dance and theatre academy that provides integrated entertainment solution services. Mrs. Kumar is a successful cultural counselor by desire, is an administrator by nature, and a chief executive officer by necessity.

An early start at the Multinational Companies of GE’s and Citi Group’s stature has made her an administrator par excellence.

In addition she has been professionally trained in Bharatnatyam and was a member of Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kender’s ballet unit. Mrs. Kumar soon discovered her passion for educating children through dance, drama and theater and found her dream in Taka Dimi Ta.

She has been managing company with absolute brilliance and has been a motivating force for students and parents alike.